Thursday, June 30, 2016

browser interface to the DB/ linux terminal / python (Jupyther)

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sqldeveloper is a great tool, so it has some limitations:
  1. you need to install it on the PC. It's not that difficult for the dev environment, so one needs it also to be installed on demo environment (which is shared)
  2. it is not that easy to plot some graphics. And when you try to demonstrate some "performance" improvements graphics are more convinient
  3. it's nearly impossible to execute system (shell) commands..
  4. when one needs to show something on demo (s)he should install sqldeveloper on the demo PC

What I use is an ipython notebook + JayDeBeApi. In this way I could reuse the Oracle JDBC driver and have an environment very close to MatLab:
And here is how it looks in my favourite browser:

To install that on Ubuntu one needs just to
    sudo pip install --upgrade ipython[all] && pip install JayDeBeApi
    ipython notebook