Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lindy effect maven analyzer tool

From time to time I see that developers tend to prefer newest technologies and newest libraries they could find. On another hand managers prefer libraries with "big names" behind.

But as for me there is another point to consider: the longer the library is the longer it could remain. For example pen survived for thousands of years, but typing machines wont stay a decade.

Fortunately for me I've found J.D. Cook "The Lindy effect" blog which put it in mathematical terms:
"The longer a technology has been around, the longer it’s likely to stay around."

S.a. getting full statistics is a bit too difficult I've created a tool for estimating your project dependencies (libraries being used): https://github.com/bogdartysh/lindy-stat/

With that tool you could find which of used by your maven project are newest one, so you'll be aware of them as of the most risky ones